How it works


There are 2 ways to use Roped Up:


Use Roped Up to find others to create ski instruction or guiding groups, saving money and meeting new people.



Book top ski schools and guides online, just for you. You can also add your “non-shared booking” to the searchable events on Roped Up – with no obligation to allow other users to join your booking, just to see if there might be someone suitable who wants to join.

  • STEP 01 Find or create

    Search to find a group to join, or make a new booking for you to share with others. Choose from a range of top schools and guides.

  • STEP 02 Forming the group

    If joining a shared group you send a “request to join” to the creator. By looking at profiles the creator can decide who they want to join them.

  • STEP 03 Book professional

    When a group reaches the right size the previously selected ski school or guide is sent a booking confirmation.

    Other good things to know about shared bookings…

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  • STEP 01 Enter booking details

    Enter exactly what kind of lesson you are looking for: resort, length, date, on- or off-piste, etc.

  • STEP 02 Select professional

    Select from list of top ski schools and guides available on the day of your booking. Their profile contains key information including prices. (here you can choose to share the booking on the site)

  • STEP 03 Book professional

    A booking request is sent to the professional. You should be sent a reply within 24 hours with details of when and where to meet.

    Other good things to know about non-shared bookings…

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