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Keep fighting fit this winter!


With people leading more and more sedentary lifestyles, it’s fair to say that most of us aren’t as fit as we want to be when we finally get on that first chair lift. So whether you’re here to work the season or you’re on holiday, here are our top 5 tips for keeping fit and healthy!


  • Warm up before getting those boots on! Just a few simple stretches will make all the difference. It lets your body know that something's about to happen! Check out Chemmy Alcott’s YouTube 10 min warm up here
  • Stay mindful – be aware of what you’re doing and the people around you. Top Brit rider Jenny Jones has recently said this is the key to making the most out of each run you take on. Plus, on the ski slopes it’s just good etiquette to helping yourself and those around you stay safe.
  • Give your body time to recover each day. Whilst heading straight to your local bar for après jagar’s and table dancing is tempting, you and your body will pay for it tomorrow. Think about taking 30mins or so to just unwind from your day on the slopes. If you’re in a chalet with a sauna/steam room or bathtub – do it! Otherwise, think about just stretching out, or using a foam roller to ease tired muscles. Here’s a great YouTube 13min routine to try out.
  • Schedule a massage. Massages are great because they really give the body and muscles a chance to unwind and relax. They are a great way to loosen up before hitting the slopes or after skiing, schedule a massage into your après routine. Massage Me have great range of winter specific treatments designed with winter sports in mind. Treatments like Mega Legs, Beanie & Boots are perfect for keeping you in tip top shape all winter long. Plus they come to you, meaning a 1 hour massage really is 1 hour giving you time to catch up with the après crowd!
  • The easiest thing to do – drink plenty of water! The air is much drier at altitude and one of the quickest things you can do to stay healthy is to keep hydrated. Side note : Beer/vin chaud does not count! Think about keeping a sports bottle next to your bed and chugging down as you wake up – really flush your system out. When you stop for lunch, by all means make the most of the amazing mountain food and drink on offer, but ask for a free carafe of water alongside and take a deep drink before getting stuck into the good stuff! 

See you all on the slopes!


About Massage Me

Massage Me are the go to mobile massage company in the French alps. They are experts at bringing relaxation to your doorstep. As well as their classic menu, they have specifically designed treatments, created with winter sports enthusiasts in mind. Treatments like Mega Legs, SlopeSide Serenity and Beanie & Boots, bring a modern twist and will ensure you hit the mountain every day fit and raring to go! New for this year, you can book directly online, simple and fast. So when you’re on the last chair of the day, just think how good it would be to have a therapist waiting on the doorstep for you when you get back to you chalet! Now you can, with one tap! 

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