Split prices table

Split Prices Table

Number of people in a group Per person price in Euros
1 280
2 155
3 108
4 85
5 71
6 62

How our prices work — and our price promise

If you find others to split the cost with on Roped Up beyond your initial group, we add to the price charged by the ski school/guide our cost splitting fee. This is €15 per person for a half day and €20 per person for a full day.

Prices shown in the table above include cost splitting fees (except of course for one person).

If you make a booking through Roped Up and do not split the cost with people outside of your initial group, you will only be charged the same as if you had booked with the ski school/guide directly. To see the per person prices that apply in this situation, simply deduct the cost splitting fee from the prices shown in the table.